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2021.3.26 游戏中心 14




需要 64 位处理器和操作系统
操作系统: Windows 7 or later
处理器: 2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar
内存: 4 GB RAM
显卡: GeForce GTX 500 series or similar
DirectX 版本: 11
存储空间: 需要 1 GB 可用空间
需要 64 位处理器和操作系统
操作系统: Windows 7 or later
处理器: i5 3GHz or better
内存: 8 GB RAM
显卡: GeForce GTX 970 series or similar
DirectX 版本: 11
网络: 宽带互联网连接
存储空间: 需要 1 GB 可用空间




Waahaa! This was a long one. Sorry for the delay, but we were waiting for a specific patch to the steam socket API, and it just went live today! (the fix in question is not listed in the steam changelog). I recommend you to make sure steam has updated to the “Mar 22 2021” version (Steam->Menu->Help->About Steam). Steam will of course automatically update itself to this version. Lots of big and small changes in this patch, some gameplay tweaks and some bug fixes.

NOTE: Don’t forget to update your server as well.

* Campfire,Bonfire & hearth take damage when dealing damage
* Reinforced chest inventory space increased to 6×4
* All boss drops can now float on water
* Sunken crypt entrance tweaked (to stop tombstones from getting stuck)
* Fixed rotation of Wood tower shield on item stands
* Deathsquito & Drake trophy drop rate increased
* 1 & 2 Star creature HP fix
* Night-spawning wolves should be easier to tame now (should stop trying to run away & despawn after starting to tame)
* Harpoon does not work on bosses anymore
* Ingame console disabled by default (add launch argument “-console” to enable)
* The console command for enabling developer/debug commands has been changed to “devcommands” from “imacheater” and a warning message has been added.
* Improved enemy projectile reaction system
* Battle axe tweaks (hits multiple enemies easier)
* Player knockback force is affected by equipment speed modifiers (IE heavy gear will reduce the knockback from enemies)
* Blackforest stone tower tweaks
* Ward system fixes (You can no longer place a new ward where an enemy ward overlaps)
* Comfort calculation fixed
* “Failed to connect” error message fixed
* Serpent trophy stack fix
* Missing Moder spawn location in some worlds fixed (NOTE: For existing worlds “genloc” command needs to be run manually in a local game with dev commands enabled to generate new locations, this is only needed if your specific world has this issue, this is not very common)
* Megingjord item-collider fix
* Added a slight use-delay on Hammer, Hoe & Cultivator
* Hammer remove auto-repeat added
* Better network bandwidth handling (should work better on low bandwidth connections & also use higher data rate if possible)
* Dolmen location fixes (Stop top stone from falling for no reason)
* Fixed removing item from item-stand not always syncing item stats
* Server list refresh button can be pressed before the entire list has been downloaded
* Better bad connection detection
* Fixed issue causing server to send more data the longer a client was connected
* Localization updates


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